Firefighter Skin Cancer Screening Program

What WE know.

+ Firefighters in the United States are 9% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer and 14% more likely to die of cancer compared with age-matched cohorts.
+ Melanoma has been diagnosed in Nordic and Australian firefighters at an increased rate and at an earlier age. 
+  A meta-analyses and systemic reviews have shown there is an increase in the incidence and mortality from melanomas in firefighters.
+ World Trade Center 9/11 14 year followup study showed a higher incidence of melanoma.
+ Firefighters are exposed to benzene, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and other carcinogenic agents that are both inhaled and absorbed into the skin. 

How WE help.

Our mission is to raise awareness about skin cancer by teaching the signs and symptoms of skin cancer and performing skin exams at no charge.  Screening California firefighters provides California dermatologists the opportunity to give back to our communities by caring for those who protect and rescue the general public in times of extreme distress. With some basic administrative support from the local fire stations, California dermatologists are willing to provide the skin cancer screenings “on site” at the fire stations as well as providing educational materials supported by the SPOTme Skin Cancer Program run through the American Academy of Dermatology. In addition to the skin cancer educational materials (and free sunscreen where available), we will also provide information on the NFORS (National Fire Operations Reporting System, Exposure App: a downloadable app which serves as a personal database providing detailed history of work and exposures over the course of a career.

Want to help OR be screened?  Contact us.

Informational Materials

How the Screening Works
Volunteer Training Video
Screening One-Pager 


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