What Defines a Board Certified Dermatologist?

  • Completed four years of studies in an accredited medical school, one year of internship, and three years residency training in DERMATOLOGY at an ACGME accredited program
  • Passed the rigorous board exams given by the American Board of Dermatology or the American Osteopathic Board of Dermatology
  • Required to keep up with the medical advances and knowledge through continuing medical education courses, meetings, and studies.
  • ALL board certified dermatologists are tested regularly by either
    • Taking a board exam every 10 years, or
    • Participating in ongoing self-assessment exams monitored by their certifying board.

Beware of terms that may be used to mislead the general public:

  • “Board certified skin specialist”
    • Board certification is a credentialing agency that evaluates the physician’s knowledge and skills to practice safely and effectively in a particular specialty.
    • Ask which specialty your provider is board certified in before you make your appointment.
    • For example, a physician can be board certified in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, or Internal Medicine and practice as a “skin specialist” which does NOT equate to the rigorous training and immense dermatologic knowledge of a board certified dermatologist

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