Advocacy Committee

The CalDerm Advocacy Committee is a small, dynamic committee which including our lobbyist and our PAC chair.  Our focus is mostly what is going on legislatively in Sacramento (and how best to position CalDerm in terms of either initiation or response) but we are also keenly aware of the AAD's advocacy platform and how that may make a difference in the direction that we may take legislatively here in California.  Our Advisory Board representative is also on this committee so we are the 'starting place" for AAD Advisory Board resolution responses on behalf of CalDerm.  Our CalDerm CMA policy also originates with this committee as the CalDerm delegate and alternate to the CMA are part of the Advocacy Committee.

We can and have made a difference legislatively.  CalDerm’s biggest legislative impact was probably the passage of our under age 18 indoor tanning ban (SB746, Lieu), which Governor Brown signed in 2011 (cosponsored by AIM at Melanoma).  This bill (and earlier versions) was worked on by our former and current lobbyists (Tom Riley and Don Schinzke), and legislative and media testimony was given by Drs. Sima Torabian and Ann Haas, as well as their patients.  A personal plea directly to Governor Brown came from Dr. Roy Grekin.  California was the first state in the nation to pass such legislation and provided the basis for over 40 states being able to pass at least some type of legislation regulating the use of indoor tanning.

Interested in serving on the Legislative Committee? Contact the CalDerm office with your interest and we will connect you with the advocacy committee.

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